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  • What types of students utilize virtual learning?
    Our students come from such diverse backgrounds and situations. Below are some examples of students who have benefited from taking courses through OVA. - Students requiring more rigor - Students who have a job and work during the day - Homeschool students for electives - Students that need individual support - Students with medical needs or anxiety - Students who travel regularly - Families wishing to "School at Home" but need some assistance from certified teachers
  • What exactly does "virtual" learning look like?"
    All of Oxford Virtual Academy's classes utilize technology to deliver instruction via text, video, online activities, etc. Students can complete their coursework from anywhere and at any time. The entire course is online at the beginning of the semester. They have the ability to work at their own pace - spending extra time on areas that are more difficult and moving more quickly through concepts that come easily. Each student will be assigned a mentor to encourage the student and monitor progress. Many of OVA's courses are offered through third-party content providers such as Pearson, Lincoln, Accelerate Education, Apex, etc. The course content from these providers is paired with a certified teacher employed through Oxford. The teacher is assigned to help students understand the course content, grade assignments and provide feedback.
  • Are OVA students eligible to play on Oxford sports teams?
    The short answer is, yes! However, there are requirements that must be met in order to comply with the Michigan High School Athletic Association. Please visit this link to view all of the details - If you have further questions, please contact the district athletic director, Tony Demare (
  • Is Oxford Virtual Academy an "alternative" school?
    Typically when people refer to a school as an alternative education option, it means that the school has a reduced number of credits required for graduation (usually 18). Oxford Virtual Academy maintains a high level of academic rigor and requires 24 credits to graduate.
  • Is Oxford Virtual Academy accredited?
    Yes, all Oxford Community Schools, including OVA, are AdvancEd accredited.
  • Who can take courses through Oxford Virtual Academy?
    Any students in grades K-12 residing in the counties of Oakland, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Washtenaw, or Wayne are eligible to enroll tuition-free. Students outside of the counties listed may enroll on a tuition basis.
  • I've heard that Oxford Virtual Academy utilizes online courses from several different providers.  How do I know which one is right for my child?
    Our guidance counselors will work with you prior to scheduling courses to help determine the best fit for your student(s). While some students prefer the consistency of taking courses within just one platform, many of our students take courses from several providers each semester to meet their individual needs. If you would like to explore the available options, Please CLICK HERE for an overview of each of our current course providers.
  • Does OVA offer any type of credit recovery course options?
    Yes, for students who have previously attempted a course and were not successful, we do have credit recovery course options. In these courses, students are given the option to test out of units within the course that they may have already mastered.
  • Will my child ever need to come to Oxford?
    Students in grades 9 - 12 must take all of their final exams at our secondary learning lab located at 176 S. Washington St., Oxford, MI. Middle school students may be able to take their finals at home. Elementary students do not have final exams. All full-time students in grades 3 - 11 are required to come to the lab for state testing.
  • Are the courses offered easier than at a "traditional" school?
    The courses are not easier or harder, they're just different. Since the content is delivered online, many classes require more reading and writing than the same courses offered at the traditional schools. A lot of the instruction is also done through videos. One benefit is that some students find it beneficial to pause and rewind a video or re-read some content to better understand it. They also have teachers that are readily available online or in-person at one of our learning labs for one-on-one support and instruction. Course Types Include: - Honors - Credit Recovery - Advanced Placement - Career and Technical - ACT/SAT Prep - Core and Electives
  • In how many classes do students enroll each semester?
    Oxford Virtual Academy students are typically enrolled in four core classes and two electives per semester.
  • If students need extra support from teachers or mentors, where do they meet in-person?
    Oftentimes, our teachers just start up a Zoom session and work through course content with students face-to-face through their computer screens. However, one of the things that really sets OVA apart from most cyber schools is that we have a high school lab and an elementary learning center in Oxford, MI. We also have some other innovative, hybrid, school options where students may meet in person several days per week at an optional learning location. OVA teachers are present at these locations to create connection and for student, parent and guardian support.
  • How much time each day do online classes require?
    On average, we recommend setting aside one hour per day, five days per week, for each online course you take. Of course, the amount of time may vary depending on the course and the student.
  • What happens if my child does not like a class?
    We offer an add/drop period for five days at the beginning of each semester. Students are strongly encouraged to begin their coursework right away to determine whether the course will be a good fit. Our classes have a one-semester committment, after the end of the 5-day add/drop period, we can not drop a student from the class.
  • How can students earn college credits while in high school with OVA?
    Through Oxford Virtual Academy, students can earn college credits through Dual Enrollment - click here for more information. Many students enrolled in Oxford Schools' Early College (OSEC) program also take virtual courses through OVA. Please visit the OSEC website for more information -
  • How are assessments completed?
    Assessments consist of multiple choice, written questions, and projects. It varies by class. Most assessments are completed online with the exception of some of the state-required assessments and high school final exams. High school students must take their finals in our lab in Oxford, MI.
  • What are the requirements for a diploma from Oxford Virtual Academy?
    Full-time Oxford Virtual Academy students enroll in 6 courses per semester (typically 4 core and 2 elective). To be eligible for graduation, students must complete the following: - Engligh/Language Arts (4 credits) - Math (4 credits) - Science (3 credits) - Social Studies (3 credits) - PE/Health (1 credit) - Visual/Performing/Applied Arts (1 credit) - World Languages (2 credits) - Other electives
  • How much does it cost to attend Oxford Virtual Academy?
    For most students, it's absolutely free! Oxford Virtual Academy is a public school that is part of Oxford Community Schools.
  • Who is eligible to attend Oxford Virtual Academy?
    Any students in the counties of Oakland, Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Wayne may enroll at Oxford Virtual Academy tuition-free. Any other students may enroll on a tuition basis.
  • Can students outside of Oxford attend OVA?
    Yes, if you live in Oakland County or a county that borders it, you may apply for school of choice enrollment during the enrollment window. The dates for fall semester enrollment vary slightly each year but typically begin in early March. The dates will be posted on our website.
  • How can I find out more about the structure and content of the classes?
    Since each vendor is different, we have demo classes available to allow families to browse sample course content. Based on your child's learning style, we can help recommend the course types that may be the best fit. Please contact us if you would like demo account information.
  • What are the enrollment windows for registering with Oxford Virtual Academy?
    Open enrollment dates change slightly each year. For students beginning in the fall semester, open enrollment begins in early March. Once the paperwork has been fully processed and enrollment appointment is complete, parents will be notified by email to register for courses. For students looking to begin during the spring semester, enrollment is typically in early January for a 2-week window and will be limited to certain grade levels. Please contact us for more information.
  • My child would like to take some classes in-person at the high school and others online, is that the hybrid pathway?
    No, in that case, your student would be a combination of seated and online. The hybrid pathway is different and involves all of the curriculum delivered online and through books with an optional scheduled time to meet in person a day or two per week.
  • Are hybrid students considered full-time or part-time online students?
    Hybrid students are considered full-time online students and will enroll in 4 core and 2 electives with OVA.
  • If OSEC students are interested in going fully online through OVA, what is the process?
    Please contact Mark Suckley for questions regarding OSEC (
  • My students are currently not students at Oxford Community Schools but we're interested in enrolling them into OVA for the upcoming school year, what is the process to enroll?
    Please visit for more information on enrollment.
  • Does an in-district transfer affect sports eligibility at the high school level?
    All OVA students can participate with all sports offered at any school within Oxford Community Schools.
  • Will IEPs transfer with the students who move to OVA?
    All special ed accomodations and services from in-district students will transfer to OVA.
  • If my child transfers to OVA, is he still considered a Wildcat?
  • The transfer process states to contact my student's building principal to initiate the transfer. If my child was in elementary school last year and middle school this year, which principal do I contact?
    You will contact the principal of the building in which your child is set up to attend this school year. In this case, it would be the middle school that would initiate the process. The same thing applies to middle school students starting high school this year. In those cases, the high school would be contacted to start the in-district transfer process.
  • How do we know if we are enrolled in OVA? I started the in-district transfer process but haven't heard anything.
    Due to the number of transfers, there may be a delay of up to two weeks to process your paperwork. You will receive an email once the process is complete. Our counselors will reach out to all families.
  • What is the process to begin an in-district transfer?
    Parent contacts current school principal or counselor to initiate the transfer process. An in-district transfer form will be provided to the family via email to complete and sign. After the document is processed by current school, OVA, and student services, you will be notified via email that the transfer is complete and a counselor from OVA will contact the family to initiate and/or continue course scheduling.
  • How often do special needs students have in-person teaching?
    We base those decisions on the individual needs of the students. Some have in-person instruction scheduled several times per week.
  • Is OVA equipped to handle the needs of special education students?
    All of the student's special education accommodations and services will transfer to OVA. We have both elementary and secondary special education teachers as well as other support staff such as a school psychologist.
  • What type of computer does OVA provide?
    The majority of our courses work on Windows, Chromebooks, Mac, and even mobile devices. The school-issued devices are typically Chromebooks. You may check one out from OVA or opt to use your own device.
  • We are interested in enrolling our four children full-time in OVA.  Will we get one computer to share or will we be provided with four computers?
    In this situation, you would be eligible to check out up to four computers. We encourage families to check out just the number that are needed.
  • When will OVA students receive their laptops?
    Once registered, this information will be communicated to you. It is typically at the end of August.
  • If we don't have a computer and/or an internet connection at home, can my children still enroll with Oxford Virtual Academy?
    Yes! Oxford Virtual Academy will provide technology as needed upon request.
  • I'm interested in online courses for my children but I'm not very tech saavy.  What happens if they have technical problems that I can't help them solve?
    Oxford Virtual Academy has a full-time technician on-staff that will be able to help your children get back up and running if they encounter technical issues.
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